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Paul Gilbert Picking Technique I

Agustn Mombelli (422) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1 2 3

The second part is to add the first string thing wich is very terrifying played fast. This kind of licks can be played on the entire fretboard, all the strings, up and down. Combine this patterns to create more interesting runs than the average "triplet run". If any of you send me an e-mail explaining how can I edit this lesson to improve it, I would publish the whole PGs speed picking idea, string-skipping patterns included. Because I dont have the time to create the whole lesson at once. Ill try to publish all my lessons in english, I know I can sound like Tarzan, well humm...thats nice... Practice. Drink water, Study theory. 6-Stringed Tarzan.
Paul Gilbert Picking Technique I - Page 2
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