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Altered Run over A7

Tom Spaulding (74) · [archive]
Style: Country · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

This altered run uses Melodic Minor scales over an A7 chord. The first measure is G Melodic Minor: G-A-Bb-C-D. This gives us the b7-root-b9-11 of A7.

The second measure is from Ab Melodic Minor: Bb-C-Db-Eb-F. This gives us the b9-#9-3-b5-#5 of A7.

The third measure uses D Melodic Minor: D-E-F-A-B. This gives us the 11-5-#5-root-9 of A7.

The last measure is an E Melodic Minor fragment: G-A-B-C# (after the F from the preceding measure's D MM scale). This gives us the b7-root-9-3 of A7, which is normal tension and helps to resolve the "out-ness" of the previous tones.
Altered Run over A7