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Pull Off A Strumming Trick

Rick Payman (10059) · [archive]
Style: Acoustic/Folk · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

Ok, having just broken one of my picking nails, perhaps it is about time to present a strumming lesson.

This lesson presents a simple but unusual strumming pattern using open strings, bass note pull-offs, and the occasional slap.

Each bar (starting with Bar 2) is played in exactly the same way, using the following plectrum or finger strokes :-

[U=Up D=Down P=6th String Pull S=Slap R=Rest ] :- U D P U D P S R |

Each bar plays one of the chords shown below; in case you were wondering about the unusual chord names, these are actually the Bar numbers (starting at 2) at which each chord should be played.

The TAB shows the first 4 bars (2-5) to give you the general idea (there are 16 bars to the completed sequence). Note that some of the Up and Down strokes only pick half of the strings.

The first Up stroke of each bar is played slightly slower and is in fact started on the last 1/8 beat of the preceding bar (hence the funny bar numbering) ...

The slap is basically hitting and damping all strings with the right hand; use a closed fist or open palm or whatever works for you.

Ok, that's enough chat, except to remind you to always practice slowly when learning something new. Enjoy ...

Pull Off A Strumming Trick