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James Alley Blues

Mike Oppenheim (931) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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James Alley Blues is a classic 12 bar blues in its most basic form. The progression is as follows:

| D | D | D | D |

| G | G | D | D |

| A | A | D | D ||

The version of the tune taught here is as played by Roger McGuinn. This lesson consists the introduction and one iteration of the verse.

In this version of the blues form there is no turnaround.
James Alley Blues
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Mike Oppenheim (931) wrote:
Nov 25 2012
An mp3 of me playing this version of James Alley Blues is now available: http://www.wholenote.com/mp130--James-Alley-Blues
Mike Oppenheim (931) wrote:
Jan 24 2013
Thanks for checking out my lessons. I just wanted to add links to a couple of resources. The first is http://mikeopmusic.com This is my personal website dealing with all things musical. The second is http://mikeopmusicseriessamples.blogspot.com This site is dedicated to providing free guitar, banjo, mandolin, and general music lessons and educational materials.

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