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Connective Bass Lines

Mike Oppenheim (931) · [archive]
Style: Acoustic/Folk · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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This is a fairly simple addition to a standard alternating bass. In order to perform any walk up one or more notes/chords from the alternating bass need to be omitted. In this case, beats 3 and 4 of each measure deviate from the standard pattern. This allows the line to resolve at the strong beat at the chord change.

The walk ups leading to measures 3 and 6 ascend along the G major scale (GABCDEF#G), connecting the root of the I chord (G) to the root of the IV chord (C).

The bass line becomes G-A-B-C (from beat 1 of measure 2 to beat 1 of measure 3) or conversely C-B-A-G (beat 1 m.3 to beat 1 m.4). This ascent from I-IV (or descent from IV-I) simply follows the diatonic scale from scale degree 1-4.
Connective Bass Lines
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Jan 24 2013
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