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Jazzy Key Change

Josh Cross (100) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 80
Pages: 1

Note that I did not rate this lesson advanced because of the tab but because I felt that the ideas were advanced. Also I used the composer instead of the groove builder so you could see exactly how each chord would be played.

Chords: bm7|Emaj.m7|Dmaj7|Emaj.m7|Amaj.|f#m|bmin.|c#min,Emaj.m7|

Next ill list the modes that I use to solo over each bar. I'll start with the first 4 measures.

|b Dorian|E mixolydian|D Lydian|E mixolydian|

Next you get a little "key change". it isn't technically a key change because all of the modes and chords are found in the key of A major, but I think it has a recognizable change almost like something you might hear in a Beatles tune.

Here are the modes for the next 4 measures

|A Ionian|f# Aeolian|b Dorian|c# Phrygian|

... and this is how I solo over the next 4 measures

|A major pentatonic|f# minor pentatonic|f# minor pentatonic|f# minor pentatonic, E mixolydian|
Jazzy Key Change