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Playing The Pilgrim Song

Alfred Scoggins (5193) · [archive]
Style: Bluegrass · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 140
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Hello bluegrass fans!

This is from a recording of myself and a friend playing the Pilgrim song. You can hear it here:


I've recreated it in Composer and am publishing it here. I've also put in the various back-up runs we did which make it more interesting.

Just before we did it we were playing some swing jazz so a little bit of that has crept in. It's not a bad combination.

The first solo is from my friend Stanley and thereafter we alternate. He's a highly accomplished guitarist. The minimalist style of his solos shouldn't be underestimated. It takes skill to play like that. Every note counts, his phrasing is superb, and his back-up rhythm work is really good.

The thing to notice here is how he takes the essential melody and turns it into a jazz number. It's all about the phrasing and was quite spontaneous. Probably the best thing about it is that it's unrehearsed and the intuitive way the two guitars move together is inspiring.

Anyway, enjoy!
Playing The Pilgrim Song