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Blues Rhythm Lesson 1

Scott Woodard (129) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 80
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In this first lesson I am going to give you some simple chords and some strumming patterns to work on.

A simple 12 bar blues progression revolves around the I, IV and V chord. This is covered more over in the theory section. For now just trust me. Our first basic progression will be in the very guitar friendly key of A, so our I, IV and V chords will be A7, E7 and D7. So why use dominant chords? Well, a dominant 7th chord progression sounds very bluesy and dominant chords are fairly tense, so they sound like they are trying to move to another chord. It's a very simple and effective way of getting into blues territory. Before I show you the chord chart, a little explanation. The chart is in 4/4 or common time. That means there are 4 beats to every bar. Also I will be using the symbol / to show the other three beats of the bar. So, fo example, the first bar will be A7///. For that you will strum the A7 chord 4 times. I will also give you a strumming pattern to use for each bar, where D is a Downstroke and U is an Upstroke. The Q is for whole notes so you should play one down strum for every click of the metronome. I suggest starting slowly before getting the tempo of this up to about 100-120 BPM