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Reinterpreting Th Altered Scale

Ariel Ramos (61) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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A cool way to use the "Decoding the Circle of Vths" Chart and the mCircle online software is to reinterpret modes or scales that are a bit foreign to us as some scale or mode we really know.

View mCircle page here

Using mCircle: Enter Altered in the Sub-Structure. Altered is found in the database and it says it's a mode of the Melodic Minor Scale. Enter the Melodic Minor in the Main structure. Click on the "Load Sub & Find" button on the sub-structure side.

The result:VII (Altered is the 7th Mode of the Melodic Minor). alteredmelodic.jpg

Another way to reinterpret: If you enter the Altered Scale as the Main Structure and the Melodic Minor as the sub-structure the result is: bII So one can reinterpret the Altered Scale as Melodic Minor starting on the bII of the Scale When practicing D Altered one can of it as a Eb Melodic Minor Scale.

Using the "Decoding the Circle of Vths" Chart: Find the Altered Scale and you will see is the 7th mode of the Melodic Minor