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Creating Scales (Intro)

Charles Ross, Jr (538) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Hey what's up everyone?This is the updated version of introduction to "Creating Scales".Here we'll learn each scales from the Major Scales,Minor Scales and Modes.Then learn how to into our soloing/leading ideas,So let's get started.

  • Now as I mention we'll be discussing different types or kind of Scales as this series is being updated.I encourage you to study these Scales and practicing them,know their Theory,formulas, and notes as they're being play on your guitar.Here they are:
    • Major Scale
    • Three types of basic Pentratonic scales
    • Major Pentatonic
    • Minor Pentatonic Scale
    • Blues Scale
    • Relative Minor Scale
    • Seven Modes
    • Harmonic Minor Scale
    • Melodic Scale
    • Subjects like Minor Scales and etc.....

  • Again as I mention before it's so very important to practice all the material that's in the lesson.They are helpful aides of reference for you as you learn and to sharpen your skills with better understanding in playing guitar scales.