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Chord Time

Jeremy Cotton (7938) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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As a guitarist, your primary duty the majority of the time will be to play chords while someone sings or plays. It is vital that you can keep a sense of time going while you play-one of my biggest pet peeves is listening to someone play who has poor time.

I can make two major suggestions for improving your time-
purchase and use a metronomeplay along with recordings of your favorite songs

both of these require that you be brutaly honest with yourself-are you playing at exactly the same time as the click or the recording? If so, you won't hear much of what you are playing with, your sound should cover it up pretty effectively.

On the other hand, be patient-it takes a while to build the proper coordination and timing skills.

If you are playing that is difficult for you (it is too fast, or has some tricky movement involved), it is important to start slowly...sometimes you can't always play along with the recording right away.

There was a song I liked very much in high school (Cult of Personality/Living Colour), and I wanted to play it very badly. After a certain guitar magazine published the transcription, I learned the opening riff and tried to play along with the tape-but I was way too slow. I spent a week playing the riff over and over again...and although It seemed that I gained a little speed, by the time I tried to play along with the tape the next week, I had to hold myself back or I would play it too quickly....