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Tips For Beginners

Warren Hunt (5730) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Most high end valve (or tube depending on where you come from) amps these days have what looks like 2 on/off switches.

One is the Power and the other is the Standby switch. To help prolong the life of your valves simply turn the Power switch on first and wait 2 5 minutes to allow the valves to warm up (if you only have the Power switch start playing as soon as you can hear sound).

Then and only then, turn the Standby switch on and begin playing (otherwise you will blow a safety fuse and the amp will appear to not work). If you are having a coffee break turn the Standby switch off and the amp will keep the valves near working temperature. To use the amp again turn the Standby switch back on.

When you have finished with the amp completely, turn the amp off in reverse order to how you turned it on. Turn the Standby switch off (no need to wait at this point), turn the Power switch off and DONT move the amp for about an hour afterwards as the valves need to cool down. Moving an amp with hot valves can cause damage. Note Solid State amps do not suffer if moved while hot.