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Tonal Shorthand

Jeff Brent (2731) · [archive]
Style: Other · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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The symbols you see in the following pages are my adaptation of Dr William Fowler's "Tonal Shorthand" system.

Besides being one of my teachers at UCDC, he was also Education Editor and Columnist for 13 years at Down Beat magazine, Theory Columnist for 6 years at Keyboard magazine, and he co-invented the piezo pickup.

Dr Fowler's bio:

Because of his fame and respect, we were able to attend up-close and personal master classes with such greats as Billy Taylor and George Duke.

This "Tonal Shorthand" you see here was inspired by Fowler's concept of an efficient and quick way to rapidly see whichever tones were present in the current chord.

The main improvement to Fowler's system is my addition of a "backbone", as well as my idea to put the lower chord tones on the left side of the backbone and the upper extensions on the right side.

Its informative and intuitive qualities in defining chords and scales are unparalleled. The beauty of this system is that all chords and scales can be expressed with zero ambiguity.


copyright 2004 Jeff Brent