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12 Bar Blues Progression

Derrick Baranzini (192) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 60
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This progression is the basis for 100s of Rock/Pop 1 hit wonders and countless hangovers. From Robert Johnson on down, the list of performers who have played this legendary progression form a who's who of Real Musicans. Belting out this badboy is sure to get drunks moving and shaking at your local dive.

The godfather of 3 chord rock can be transposed to any key, but for all of you who start your alphabet in A, Im going to teach you in that key. The 12 bar Blues in the key of A consists of A played 4 bars, D played 2 bars, A played 2 bars, E played 1 bar, D played 1 bar, A played 1 bar and ending with E played 1 bar.

Now repeat this progression till the end of the song or until the bartender yells last call. For all of you rockers who feel powerful, Here are your 3 Power chords.


If youre not drunk off your metronome it should sound somthing like this. Check out Blues Sober?
Blues Sober?

Untill next lesson Play loud and proud and don't fall off your bar stool.