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Lydian Chromatic Concept Discrepancies

Jeff Brent (2731) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Ridiculous · Tempo: 120
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"Lydian Chromatic Concept" Discrepancies
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Jeff Brent 2008

It has never been my aim to besmirch Mr Russells character or hard work, it is simply my duty as a diligent person to check the facts.

Proofreading is one of my areas of expertise, and while reading through the LCC, I began taking notes. This article is the result of said notes.

As instructed, I entered into this with an open mind, hoping to find the inner truth within this concept.

Sadly, I found quite the opposite. In the interests of making the truth public, here are my findings for the record:

- In the footnote on page 3, the author states that from C to F [I to IV] is 500 cents, and from C to F# [I to #IV] is 600 cents. The 11th harmonic is 551 cents.

Based on the infinitesimal difference of one little cent (1/100th of a semitone = 1%), the author makes the demonstrably false claim that F# [#IV] is the natural child of the overtone series!

In fact, as youll see below, the difference is actually LESS than 0.1%.


copyright 2008 Jeff Brent