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Reggae & Ska: Life On The Upbeat

WholeNote Staff (593) · [archive]
Style: Reggae · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 80
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"Anything can happen in music, we only experiment. It's never wise to limit yourself. Them people think that I should do the same this year as last! Maybe them people don't like it, but new people like it. You can't stay in one place."
- Bob Marley, April, 1974. (McCann p. 32)

Here's a look at the same chords that were introduced on the previous page. In this example the previous chord structures won't change, but the strumming style will . Here they are "plucked" individually as opposed to "strummed" together. In musical terms these "plucked" chords are called "arpeggios". That's just a fancy Italian word for 'notes played individually'. In the reggae style this technique is used to help differentiate between verse and chorus. In a later example, we will mute the plucked notes to create a different, more dramatic effect. Strike each note and let it ring.

G Major
E minor
C Major
Reggae & Ska: Life On The Upbeat - Page 5
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