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How To Practice Effectively Part Six

Stephen Lindsay (442) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Boost Creativity


Creativity is not just for those geniuses who seem to have it in natural abundance. Yes of course we cant all produce gorgeous melodies like Paul McCartney there will always be those who are gifted in some form or another. However that is not to say that creativity is something magical that the rest of should be forever denied. Rather, we can find ways of tapping into our creative potential. Now I do not consider myself to be creatively original (in songwriting for instance) but there are some ideas Ive come up with that are creative and I think some people see me as such, even though I dont share their view. Theres nothing in this series of articles that is a purely original Eureka kind of thought. However what I have done is take a collection of ideas from different places and adapted them to guitar practice. That has been an enjoyable creative process that has left me with a sense of achievement. As far as the end results are concerned, well Ill leave that for you the reader to decide, but the important thing for me is what I have got out of it. If you the reader get something out of these articles then so much the better.


Model Successful People


Now I dont mean modelling of the catwalk kind! Modelling means identifying the key factors that describe the way something works (or someone behaves). It is from this idea that we get the term role models or indeed complex mathematical models (algorithms). Who do you admire? Have a think about the characteristics and personality traits that you admire. Or have a think about people that you admire. What personality traits or characteristics do they possess? I once had a boss whose beliefs and values couldnt be more different than my own. I had nothing in common with him apart from the fact that we worked for the same company. He liked golf and was motivated to make money. I hated golf and was only interested in earning enough for a decent living. One trait that he did have which Ive remembered to this day was an ability to see the positives in everyone. View things this way and youll never be stuck for inspiration from others.


So you wanna be a great guitarist? Model a great guitarist! Do some research on your chosen hero or heroine. The chances are that it is not just you who is interested in what makes them tick. Go to their website or read some interviews from magazines. You will very often find some words of wisdom contained within those pages.


Maximise Your Memory!


This is not a computer advertisement but whilst computers can improve their performance by maximising how it uses memory (it can even be fitted with faster and larger memory which we cant do to ourselves), then so can we. A