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Floating 2 - Goodbye Liza Jane

Alfred Scoggins (5193) · [archive]
Style: Bluegrass · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 220
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Here's a little more in the floating vein. This is a tune called 'Goodbye Liza Jane'. It uses lots of open strings and floating.

It should be played in A - capo 2.

This tune, or rather this arrangement of it - is not easy to play well. It requires considerable technique to master it properly - but if you're interested it's something to get your teeth into!

What matters is to get it fluid and the dynamics right. It should kind of ebb and flow, like someone was turning a fader up and down. It comes eventually and then becomes very enjoyable to play.

I suppose the ideal thing would be to play the whole thing through at least twice at about 230 without slipping!

I've put it in at 220, but for study purposes I'd recommend going to about 120 to hear it properly. Start slow, work up.
Floating 2 - Goodbye Liza Jane