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Beaumont Rag

Alfred Scoggins (5193) · [archive]
Style: Bluegrass · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 240
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This is Beaumont Rag.

There are several rags that are popular apart from Black Mountain but this one is probably the best.

This tune is usually played in D - capo 2.

There are some absolutely brilliant versions - not only the Clarence White and Doc Watson versions (Tony Rice never did much with it, strangely) but Alison Krauss' band Union Station did a hot one. My favorite is one by a player called Michael Aumen. It's got some wonderful stuff in it which I must work out sometime!

But this is the standard version - A part.
Beaumont Rag
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David Gale (56) wrote:
Apr 13 2013
I keep returning to this lesson,have learned a lot from it .And its very enjoyable to play

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