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Telemann Minuet In G

Peter Kiley (890) · [archive]
Style: Classical · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 80
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Let's try a little bit of classical music... shall we?

George Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) is regarded as one of the most prolific composers in history with more than 800 compostions from his pen. Telemann was a contemporary of J.S. Bach, and is considered by some music historians to have been more popular and more widely known at the time than Bach. All from a largely self taught musician who was schooled in law (of all things!!!) at the University of Leipzig

The following composition is a Minuet composed by Telemann as a violin duet. It is arranged in it's original(?) key of G major for guitar in two parts.

Please note that the playback tempo has been set slower than the marked tempo for purposes of learning.

Here are the first eight measures:
Telemann Minuet In G