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Jim's Live Jam

Debra Jean (9018) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

Visit 'Live Jam' at: www.livejam.jimheidinger.com

(You can log in using any sign on you wish without becoming a member.)

About 'Live Jam'

~ When you enter the site, you can enabe your computer to broadcast to the chat room by opening the settings just below the little 'Me' area and selecting your audio record device. Once you've completed that step you must enable your audio by clicking the 'A' icon at the bottom left of the little 'Me' area screen.

~ You can broadcast in the 'Lobby' area or in any room you choose to enter or create.

~ When you are broadcasting to the chat area, others can hear you if they select your icon to hear your audio. If you wish to hear more than one person, you must "dock" them so they are present in the 'A/V Dock' area.

~ In the 'A/V Dock' area, you can listen to up to four people at once. This lets you have a community jam of up to four instruments playing live. One person will be in the 'Detail Pane' area, the others in the 'A/V Dock' area.

~ It is best to prearrange a meeting at 'Live Jam' with others interested in playing live music.

~ There are a number of rooms set up, but most of your interactions will probably occur first in the 'Lobby'.

~*~ Tell a friend to meet you there and have a Live Jam! ~*~