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A Simple Warm Up

Charles Maze (152) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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This is a simple fingering (scale) to help loosen the fingers up before you start your practice routine or playing. I have it shown running from fret 2 to 5 on all 6 strings, but it can be played starting on any fret on the board. The point behind the warm up is that you are using your pointer finger and your pinkie for the exercise. It holds for me two purposes, one warms the fingers up. Two, it helps train your fingers with the stretching involved in playing scales and possibly chords.

When playing this warm up you want to start with the 6 string, low E, and play from the left right, so you would play from 2 to 5, then 5 string, 2 to 5 etc. Listen to the attached scale to hear how it should sound. Play it complete down then back up to the beginning. Play it slow at first until you become comfortable with it. As with all new things being attempted on guitar take it slow. Do not get frustrated and have fun with it.

warm up finger