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Beginning With Chucky-Baby

Charles Maze (152) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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The guitar has 6 strings going from a LOW E (the fattest string) to a HIGH E (the thinnest string). A guitar can be tuned many ways from an open A to STANDARD tuning. Standard tuning goes as follows:
  • 6 = E
  • 5 = A
  • 4 = D
  • 3 = G
  • 2 = B
  • 1 = E

    Strings 6 and 1 are both E (high and low). It is important to remember this standard tuning for several very good reasons. 1 being any time you need to tune your guitar you know what note to tune the particular string to. 2 the string in open form is where the sequence of notes begins. For example going from Low E (open) you have F on the 1st fret, then F# on 2, G on 3, etc. The sequence is similar on all the strings until you reach the 12th fret. At the 12th fret all the notes are the same as an open string and the sequence begins once again.

    Many players have different ideas on what a beginner to guitar should first learn. I am no different, however, I do not believe there is a right way or a wrong way to learn how to play. The most important factor to me when learning is practice, practice, and more practice! The key for myself and I urge you to develop this in your own way, is learn to pracice in a manner that keeps it from getting old or boring. Remember as well to always listen to different kinds of music. Even if you do not particularly like it. The reason being is you can always learn something new from other styles that you can later incorporate into your own style.

    The following pages I will be going over the 7 major chords.