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stretch blues

Sean Kelly (1525) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 110
Pages: 1

Here is a simple blues riff in a 12-bar style that gives the pinky finger a workout and forces beginners to learn how to to roll that 3rd finger out of the way of your 1st finger barre (power) chord to get the dominant 7th tone (that bluesy sound) in there. I purposely put it down on the low frets to strecth the hand more! Theres also a tricky walkup thing in the middle with an extra stretch to get the seventh from where you were playing the fifth/sixth shuffle, so dont fall asleep once you have the pattern down. Enjoy! (When you are no longer in pain playing this try it on acoustic.) I wrote this in repsonse to Jim's post in fret buzz about not enough blues.
stretch blues