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Building Chord Progressions

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This first lesson begins with a description of just what Cycle 3, 5, and 7 are. Cycle movement is defined by the interval used to move the roots of chords in a particular chord progression. There are six types of cycles; 1)Cycle 3, 2)Cycle 5, 3)Cycle 7. Each cycle has a positive and a negative movement giving us 3x2=6 different types of movement. We will use the key of C major as our source of harmonic material, keeping in mind that ANY TYPE OF SCALE can be used as an harmonic source. Lets take a look at the positive cycle movement first. Cycle 3 - This type of movement is a THIRD DOWNWARD. Using C major we derive the following root movement: C A F D B G E C The C major scale is also the scale to use for soloing.
Building Chord Progressions