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You Cannot Be Free

Ananth Narayanan (2180) · [archive]
Style: World · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 90
Pages: 1 2 3

"You cannot be free" is a track from the fusion album "How to name it?" by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. This album brings together South Indian folk and classical music with western classical and jazz. The piece "You cannot be free" is based on the South Indian 'raaga' called 'Panthuvaraali', here in E, the scale is: E-F-G#-A#-B-C-D#-E.

The piece has three parts, the first part proceeds almost like a classical study, in an arrangement of piano, guitar and bass. Then comes a more poignant section with sax and distorted guitar, with bass and cymbals thrown in. The third phase brings everything together, with full percussions, ending in a racing finish. I have transcribed only the first part, and attempted to arrange it for solo guitar. It is quite difficult, but hopefully not impossible with a little practise. Lets start the lesson.

The starting is the easiest part. It introduces the scale slowly, and sets up the piece for the later parts. It is a melodious bit by itself, and is worth trying even without the later parts. Master this before going ahead to the next page.
You Cannot Be Free