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Learning All The Triads

John Rice (551) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Learning all the triad positions on the guitar takes committment and is a lot of work. However, the effort will pay its' self many times over. Here is an outline of one way to attack this.

Prerequisites: 1. Know all the note locations on the guitar

2. Know how to spell all the triads (you'll do 7th chords later)

You will need fretboard paper with 7 fretboard images on a page.

Do the following for each key, starting with the key of C.

1. On the first fretboard map, write the names of all the notes from a C major triad (C E G) at their fretboard locations.


Then, use a pencil or colored pens to group the notes on the top 3 strings that comprise the triad. You will find that each inversion of the triad can be found on each set of strings. For example, 3rd inversion (G C E), root inversion (C E G), and 2nd inversion (E G C) all occur on the 1st set of strings.

3rd Inversion

Root Inversion

2nd Inversion

3rd Inversion