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Acoustic Delta Blues Moves

Jim Burger (4613) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 90
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Chord Fingerings

The old delta blues guys were not soloing so much, so their melody lines often relied on picking out of various chord fingerings rather than on the use of the blues scale. Very common were double-stops or triads using notes of the major and 7th chords. For this type of music, it thus helps to learn your 7th arpeggios, because once you know all the notes in your 7th arps you will be able to create the relevant double stops and triads intuitively. Below is a brief example of several different two-note E and E7 fingerings thrown into one quick measure, followed by a little blues-scale lick, all done in a way that Charlie Patton might have done it.

On the following pages, we'll look at a couple of songs that integrate the activity we've been discussing on the low- and high-strings.
Acoustic Delta Blues Moves - Page 4
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