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Rasguedo Strum Technique

Jim Graham (5168) · [archive]
Style: Flamenco · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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This is another technique that takes time to learn and must be practiced slowly at first. As usual we use classical fingering for the right-hand:
  • thumb = p
  • 1st finger = i
  • 2nd finger = m
  • 3rd finger = a
Start with the right hand in a fist just above the 6th string with the knuckles pointing down. While fingering an E major chord with the left hand, slowly extend the "a" finger down across the strings, follow this with the "m" finger, then with the "i" finger. Complete the strum with a quick upstroke using the "i" finger. The hand itself should not move during all of this, only the fingers. While you are doing the upstroke with the "i" finger you should be bringing the other fingers back into a fist in readiness for the next strum. It should be noted that this is only one of several variations of rasguedo and in particular one of my most used forms.
Rasguedo Strum Technique