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Sounding Evil Without Detuning

Jeremiah Rowell (122) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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For the longest I have had the misconception that in order to get an evil sounding riff I needed to detune. However in jamming with others I've had to retune to standard (E) then back (Dropped C) when I'm done. Afraid that this would weaken the strings (an I'm too broke to spend 5 bucks on a new pair) I decited to remain in E and just work with it. I think it has alot to do with tone, mood, and scale (or mode). Look at bands like King Diamond, they sound like they could call forth the very demons of hell with one of their riffs and they use standard tuning in alot of their songs. So I'll throw you a crapy little riff I like to improvise with and see what happens. I suck at theory and such so if I am 'wrong' in any areas please feel free to let me know. Since there will be alot of palm muting let's jsut say this riff is in the key of E. We'll be using E Hungarian Minor since it is the right pattern (I think of scales and modes as patterns). Here are the main notes we'll be using from the E Hungarian Minor Scale:

Now because (for some reason) I cannot get Shockwave to install correctly I can't use the Sequence builder feature, so I'll have to revert to standard TAB.

1|--------------------------------- 2|--------------------------------- 3|--------------------------------- 4|---------------------------3-3--- 5|1--------3-----2-----1-----1-1--- 6|0--0-0-5---0-3---0-2---0-0-------

1|--------------------------------- 2|--------------------------------- 3|--------------------------------- 4|--------------------------------- 5|1--------3-----2-----1-----5-4--- 6|0--0-0-5---0-3---0-2---0-0-3-2---