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Jazz Standard

Robert Ridgeway (1351) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

Here is a jazz ballad in the key of D minor. The progression starts off with a B flat major 7#11 (VI in d minor) in the first measure. The second measure has a V (A7#9) to a i (Dmin7-9) in D minor in measure three then the C#7(Dflat7) acting as a passing chord. Measure four and five has basic jazz ii(Cmin7) to V (F7flat9) in Bflat major. Measure six and seven has a V (A7flat13) to a i (Dmin6-9) in d minor. The measures eight, nine and ten it goes from a V (e7#9) to a i (Amin7-9) to iv (Dmin7-9). Do not forget that in a minor key the third of the five chord is raised to produce a leading tone. Many jazz pieces frequently change key in a progression especially with the use of two- five- ones. The last three measures is the ending to the head.
Jazz Standard