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Applying Jazz Improvisation techniques

Eric Stanbrough (1108) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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This is over basically the same progression and it has a different mood slightly, because this time i used alot of major ideas over parrelel minors, for instance i might play a G major idea over the E minor7 chord, i used that alot in this excerpt, and i also employed parrellel octaves , a Wes trademark, and for a brief moment towards the end i use wes style block chords for a semi chord solo lick, wes employed these block chords well as did many other players, and the little lick that ends the excerpt , since it is very melodic , could be used as a turnaround for the progression or melody, these are just a few examples of applying these techniques, learn them and use them in your own way to express your musical expressions , thats how music grows, well see ya later, thanks for taking a look at my lesson, i appreciate it.
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