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Low-Rent Jazz For Rockers Pt. 4

Chris Adams (440) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 180
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If you haven't read pt. 3, you should read that first.

Ready? OK, here's a groove to help you use those diminished scales in a bop context. It's more or less rhythm changes in C. Some thoughts:

  • How are the Dim7 chords functioning? What did we replace?
  • How are the m7b5 chords functioning?
  • Hint: how do these chords resolve?
  • What other substitutions might you make?
  • The groove-builder doesn't voice lead well. How would you voice these changes?
One of my teachers, the inimitable Ran Blake, once said to me: When you are improvising, you can't make a mistake if you are listening. Think about it. Every "wrong note" is a half step away from a "right note". What does that mean for your playing?

Enjoy and, 'til next time, I wish you diminishing returns.
Low-Rent Jazz For Rockers Pt. 4