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Lydian Groove

Jake Lizzio (985) · [archive]
Style: Other · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 80
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This is something I came up with to demonstrate to my students how to make a song in a modal key. Its an F# to E progression, but you UNLEASH the F#.

As far as the strumming is concerned, the composer sounds terrible if I let it play the whole chord, so I ommitted some notes, but I usually do that as well when I strum it. Its a dynamic rhythm, you want to quiet it down in between the big F#/E change, where you really pound away at it.

If it helps, the strumming is -



- Its like a regular barre chord, but you take your first finger off of the first and second strings. You can move this shape around and come up with some cool chords.

These chords are all diatonic to the key of B. All of the notes we are playing come from the B major scale. However, we never once play the B major chord! Since the tonal center of this song is around E, and since E is the 4th tone of B major, this song would be in E Lydian. (Lydian is the 4th mode of the major scale)
Lydian Groove