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Using HTML In Lessons, FretBuzz, Etc

Steve Cass (14763) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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There are already good lessons here at WN that talk about the use of html in lessons. The one from one of the originators of the site, Sean Kelly, gives some excellent insight on what can be done to spruce up the looks of your lessons. I just want to expand a bit about all the tricks I know and to explain what you can and can't do within any WN window (any fretbuzz response, your homepage, any lesson, any article, etc.).

HTML Tricks

Tricks are for kids (sorry, old tv commercial)! Yeah, tricks. Here's just the grocery list of a few tricks I've used. In another couple of pages we'll talk about where you might use them.

guitarguitarguitarguitar guitarguitarcolor> guitarsize> guitarstyle>How'd you do that?? A primer for HTML First, a bit of a primer of basic html. And secondly, a word about that dot you see before the word 'guitar'. HTML stands for 'hyper text markup language'. It's a programming language that tells a computer how to display font along with some other basic commands within a web browser. All of the great web pages out there use some html along with other languages such as asp, java, perl, dhtml, etc. WholeNote uses html as a default within the boxes where we place information. In other words, WholeNote is using a program that allows us to input regular text plus the special html commands within the boxes where we enter information. This information is sent to a WN computer and then returns it to your screen within a WN web page which appears in your browser. Regular text will appear normal because a part of html language is just displaying text as it is typed. The regular text I'm talking about is what is called the 'default' text. For WholeNote and many other browsers, this is 'Antique Olive'.