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How To Practice With A Metronome

Redmond Militante (957) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Once you work up to 1/16th notes at a particular tempo, stay there and work at it until it becomes smooth - you will know when it's time to increase the tempo because you will find that it has become easy for you and that your mind is wandering at this point. Try to spend about five minutes working up to 1/16ths at a particular tempo in this manner. Remember, don't increase the tempo until it is smooth for you - if all goes well you should stay at a particular tempo around five minutes.

Now increase the tempo, but only increase it by 10bpm at the most - then start practicing 1/4s at this tempo, and work up to 1/16ths as you did at the previous tempo.

You will eventually reach a point where your warm ups will start at 1/4s at 50-60bpm and within 25-30 minutes you are playing your scale/finger exercise/musical snippet/arpeggios/chord sequences etc. at 100+bpm using 1/16th notes, it will be smooth and on time, and it will seem easy for you!

End of lesson! I hope this has given you a good starting point on using a metronome to improve your sense of rhythm.