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Open Voiced Chords

Frederick Burton (5465) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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In previous lessons we looked at different chords, their extensions, and alterations as well as inversions. In this lesson we're going to cover the style of Freddie Green. Freddie Green was the long guitarist in the great Count Basie's Big Band of the 40's and 50's and Basie's smaller versions of his band in the later years. Freddie Green was part of that great rhythm section that anchored Basie's band and gave it that sound that only Basie had. It was that rhythm section that propelled soloist of that band :Lester Young, Paul Gonsalves, Thad Jones, Frank Foster, and singer Joe Williams to excel. What gave Freddie Green that sound? It was his simplicity!!! Green gave meaning to the rhythm just by playing simple chords and by playing 4 chords to the beat. Look at the example and you'll see what I mean. Below is what is called Open Voiced Chords. The chords are played on only the 6th, 4th and third string. The voicings is similar to the (6-4-3-2) chord family that we covered some time ago. As you can see the 5th string is still muted and not played. Try out the examples and get them under your fingers. Again, its your job to transpose to other keys.
Open Voiced Chords