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Recovering From A Logout At WholeNote

Tim Reierson (1202) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

Has this ever happened to you? You were interrupted in the middle of writing a lesson, and when you came back and tried to post it you were taken to the member login page? The lesson page you were working on was gone!

Or you were typing a long, complicated reply in the fretbuzz forum. Half an hour later...you hit the post button. Your message vanishes and you are asked to log back in.


It's actually very simple to recover all your information. Here's what to do if you are accidentally logged out:

1. When your member login page comes up, type in your password and hit ENTER to login as you normally would.

2. You will be taken to a blank version of the page you were last working on (if you were working on a lesson page), or back to the WN menu page (if you were in FretBuzz).

3. To recover, click on the BACK arrow or command in your internet browser. This will take you back to the member LOGIN page. Just ignore the login this time and...

4. Click on the BACK arrow ONE MORE TIME. This should take you back to the page as you left it, fully recovered and ready to post. (If it does NOT let you post or "create" your lesson page, just use copy and paste to recover your text--at least you don't have to re-type it all.) And...you are now logged back in.

So just use the browser BACK command two times after logging in.

You can avoid the problem by previewing your work every five-ten minutes or so. But every now and then it's going to happen to all of us!