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Warm-up Exercises In Open/First Position

Trevor Carbon (786) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 90
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Hello there!

This is my lesson for beginners. I will be doing a series of lessons for the beginner who needs warm-ups, both for fretting hand technique and scales.

This lesson is focused around your fretting hand and getting it used to being stretched and used in patterns up and down the strings. It is not focused on scale work of any sort.

Throughout this lesson, keep in mind that you do need to take breaks. This is important, not only for the short term of cramps and such, but also for the long term. Many years of playing without a valid warm-up can lead to not only bad posture but cramping on a regular basis, and even farther long term, inability to play.

Keep it simple and slow at first. Don't worry, the speed will come with accuracy and precision. Enjoy!