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D Minor Arpeggio

David O' Toole (784) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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In another lesson we looked at one of the common Major Chord Arpeggios. Here's another useful standard shape which is the common Minor Arp.

Recommended Settings for Below - Tempo: 120 to 360 - Sound: Jazz Elec - Click: None - Loop: 4 Times

Here's the basic chord itself D Minor.

D Minor Chord

D Minor

And below is an Arpeggio of this chord starting on the 5th fret. The notes in the chord D Minor are D, F, A. The notes D and F are just repeated on the A and D strings respectively. The open string D note of the chord is not used here, and you can see the basic D minor chord shape within the Arpeggio.

This Arpeggio is a bit of a stretch down at the 5th so you might like to try it 12 frets up the neck starting on the 17th fret. Here's a quick guitar demo to give you an idea of what it sounds like played slow and then at a more normal sweeping speed.

Music Note height=32 width=32D Minor Arpeggio Demo

It's recommended to practice theses Arpeggios with a metronome to build up to the speed you're aiming for. Also to practice them on a daily, regular basis as opposed to cramming them in for 6 hours on the weekend :)!