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Finger Picking Warm Up

Jason Thompson (164) · [archive]
Style: Classical · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Here's a little piece called Four Per Bar. It consists mostly of pinches (the bass note and melodic note are played at the same time) and of basic scale patterns. The basic right hand pattern of this piece is 2 alternating bass notes then pinches that move up Index;Middle;Ring with the alternating bass. Feel free to mess around and throw in more notes with scale to make a more full of a piece. Soon I will throw in my own, but with this piece now you just want to get the basic alternating bass pattern in.
As of July 24th, I added the hammer-on; pull-off that is used in the beginning of the piece. Nothing too special or difficult, it just gives the piece more flare and originality and keeps it from being dink-donk-dink-donk-dink (that bland sound that comes with the alternating bass). Something like that...
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