Fretbuzz Frequently Asked Questions

For those of you that are new to WholeNote, we ask you to please review this FAQ page to understand what is appropriate subject material and appropriate conduct in the FretBuzz forums.
1. What Is Appropriate To Post In The FretBuzz Forums?
WholeNote is an open forum, and everyone is welcome to participate and encouraged to do so. However, experience has shown that a site for and about the guitar is not the proper place to discuss certain topics. The two most improper topics are politics and religion. It causes nothing but trouble. Posts of this nature are removed on a regular basis, and repeat offenders have their accounts removed. In general, it will be a waste of your time to start or post in a thread that contains the following:
  1. Religious Commentary
  2. Political Commentary
  3. Obscene material
  4. Personal Attack (flaming)
Similarly, if you use profanity, your account will be disabled. For first time offenders, we may submit a warning, but in certain cases, it may be more appropriate to disable your account. Many of you are aware that we use an automated filtering process to watch for profanity. Anyone who attempts to subvert this by posting obvious obscenities with alternate punctuation (using chars like !,@,$,*) will have their accounts disabled upon first offense.
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2. Aren't You Practicing Censorship?
Yes. Absolutely. But this is a website, more specifically, an affinity website about all things guitar.

The economic reality is that we only have a finite amount of server space. Thus, our job is try to retain as great a percentage of guitar-related information as possible. There are many other websites like this where you can talk to your heart's content about politics, religion, or the like, but there aren't too many websites where you can find out the relative nuances between low-end hollow-body guitars. Thus, we devote more of our resources to the guitar than to non-guitar subjects.
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3. I Just Saw A Political Post In FretBuzz. Why Is It Still Published?
We don't police the forums every hour of every day. Just give it some time. It'll be gone soon enough.
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4. Then What Is The Miscellaneous Forum For?
We find it interesting that for almost four years, there were almost no political or religious posts in the Miscellaneous Forum, over 40,000+ in all, and suddenly, there are no relevant miscellaneous topics other than politics and religion.
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5. I Posted A Thread Telling Everyone They Should Just Chill Out, And It Was Deleted. Why?
Because as time has proven over and over again, actively trying to clean up the environment is exactly what pollutes it.
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6. My Member Point Total Keeps Dropping. Why?
If you find yourself losing status points, it's most likely because you've posted many messages in controversial types of threads. Once these threads are gone, any points associated with posts you made in these threads are gone, as well.
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