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Learn Your Major Scale Inside and Out
Use intervals to really get a grip on how the major scale is constructed. Once you know these exercises, you can use them to shed any scale...
Theory/Reference · Advanced · 425212 Hits · 4.09/5 (312 ratings) · Last modified: 3/22/2000
Jimi Hendrix Type Licks
Here are some solo and chordal ideas in the style of Jimi Hendrix, with cool bends, double stops, and a bunch of musical examples to get yer ya-ya's out...
Rock/Pop · Advanced · 356057 Hits · 4.44/5 (371 ratings) · Last modified: 8/27/1999
Stevie Ray Vaughan Type Licks I
Here are a few licks in the style of the blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan. There's a few choice bends and some long triplet runs that sound a bit like something Stevie would play.
Blues · Advanced · 297624 Hits · 4.26/5 (351 ratings) · Last modified: 8/27/1999
Art of Rock Guitar: Rolling and Tumbling
An excerpt from "The Art of Playing Rock Guitar" outlining some approaches to "rolling and tumbling" through common scales to supercharge your rock lead guitar playing.
Rock/Pop · Advanced · 276411 Hits · 3.76/5 (374 ratings) · Last modified: 2/25/2000
Asturia, Leyenda
Very tough flamenco guitar piece (originally for piano) by Isaac Albeniz. Very hard, not for the weak of heart. Check it out if you want to take your classical playing up to the next level. It's worth all the practice in the end.
Flamenco · Advanced · 207962 Hits · 4.62/5 (227 ratings) · Last modified: 4/4/2004
Chord-Melody 101:part 1:Getting A Grip
Demystify the art of chord-melody arranging. This lesson outlines some of the concepts involved in creating a chord-melody style arrangement. For intermediate to advanced skill levels.
Theory/Reference · Advanced · 174622 Hits · 4.85/5 (230 ratings) · Last modified: 6/25/2003
Harmonic Minor Scale Basics
Let's take a look at the inner workings of the Harmonic Minor scale to unlock its potential for generating hardcore shred licks
Metal · Advanced · 168780 Hits · 4.46/5 (224 ratings) · Last modified: 9/20/1999
Walking Bass Lines with Chords
This lesson takes you step by step through some of the devices you can use to create walking bass lines and chords for solo blues guitar, or rhythm blues guitar.
Blues · Advanced · 160754 Hits · 4.10/5 (128 ratings) · Last modified: 5/28/1999
Robben Ford Type Licks
Here are a few licks in the style of Robben Ford. They're mostly 16th note patterns with some nice bluesy runs thrown in.
Blues · Advanced · 153297 Hits · 4.41/5 (175 ratings) · Last modified: 8/27/1999
Chord Scales
The tools for block-chord soloing and advanced comping.
Jazz · Advanced · 141882 Hits · 4.19/5 (81 ratings) · Last modified: 12/13/2004
Different II-V-I Licks
These licks are based on piano-like patterns, which can often create more interesting intervals and lines. A little bit more difficult to finger, but that makes them sound a bit more unique.
Jazz · Advanced · 122343 Hits · 4.24/5 (94 ratings) · Last modified: 5/19/1999
A Sampling of Fast Rock Licks
I was young, brash, and full of notes, and these were some of the things I played to assert my manhood in the rock arena of my high school...
Rock/Pop · Advanced · 114148 Hits · 4.21/5 (107 ratings) · Last modified: 4/27/2000
String-Skipping Pentatonic Patterns
Let's learn a few 3-note per string fingerings, a few patterns, and then use them to create some insane licks...
Metal · Advanced · 113480 Hits · 4.32/5 (94 ratings) · Last modified: 9/16/1999
Shredding 101
A constantly growing lesson on how to impress your friends with lighting fast licks and other various tricks. Includes info on scales, techniques, and pure awesomeness *Updated 8/15/06-Added page 14
Metal · Advanced · 113318 Hits · 4.53/5 (99 ratings) · Last modified: 1/4/2006
Stevie Ray Vaughan Type Licks II
Here are some more tasty licks in the style of that blues firebrand, Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughan...
Blues · Advanced · 106986 Hits · 4.43/5 (102 ratings) · Last modified: 6/24/1999
Funky Fills with Attitude
A few little fills you can use when you're getting down and dirty...
Funk/R&B · Advanced · 98533 Hits · 4.62/5 (218 ratings) · Last modified: 9/23/1999
This is a Flemenco Guitar Solo for pick style Guitar created by George M. Smith. This tab arrangment is an adaptation of that musical creation.
Flamenco · Advanced · 97302 Hits · 4.49/5 (51 ratings) · Last modified: 6/27/2004
Deep River Blues
Killer bluesy rag for fingerstyle guitar arranged by Doc Watson. This is a toughy and it will really improve your fingerstyle abilities if you master it.
Blues · Advanced · 93444 Hits · 4.43/5 (111 ratings) · Last modified: 5/30/2001
Tasty Bends and Runs in E
Bends go especially well with funky grooves. Here's a few ideas you can use to put that same feeling in your playing. Bluesy in nature, but that always works well in funk.
Funk/R&B · Advanced · 88864 Hits · 4.59/5 (117 ratings) · Last modified: 5/14/1999
Diminished Licks Over an E7 Groove
Time for some cool, slurred licks over a static E7 groove, drawing heavily from the E diminished scale. It's a little bit of Scofield, a little bit of Scott Henderson, and some "out" type of playing, in general.
Jazz · Advanced · 87021 Hits · 4.28/5 (78 ratings) · Last modified: 5/22/1999
Scott Henderson Type Licks
Here are a few licks over a static C groove in the style of Scott Henderson. Emphasis is placed on his phrasing and his use of superimposition to create killer lines.
Jazz · Advanced · 84094 Hits · 4.23/5 (124 ratings) · Last modified: 8/27/1999
Samba Rhythm Patterns and Variations
Excerpts from Nelson Faria's book, "The Brazilian Guitar Book", with nice samba rhythm guitar ideas and variations
World · Advanced · 83104 Hits · 4.34/5 (88 ratings) · Last modified: 11/30/1999
Fugue In D Minor
Fugue from Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor.
Classical · Advanced · 73605 Hits · 4.62/5 (123 ratings) · Last modified: 12/10/2002
Blues & Jazz Licks on Pop
Using the blues scale over pop chord progressions with a bit of chromaticism can produce great sounding lines. Here's a few ideas of how you can use them to make the most out of a pop situation.
Rock/Pop · Advanced · 72680 Hits · 3.93/5 (73 ratings) · Last modified: 5/13/1999
Follow those changes
The blues scale is a beautiful thing. Add a fresh approach by following the chord changes in a 12 bar.
Blues · Advanced · 70896 Hits · 4.37/5 (67 ratings) · Last modified: 6/28/1999
Extended Arpeggios
Sam Munro's lesson on Extended 9th's got me thinking about how you can create hip lines using upper structure triads. Here's what I came up with...
Jazz · Advanced · 68217 Hits · 4.48/5 (48 ratings) · Last modified: 7/28/1999
Chord Soloing Using 4ths
A common way to harmonize a melody line is to use voicings in 4ths. How do you figure out these voicings and how to use them? The answer just might be in this lesson...
Jazz · Advanced · 65246 Hits · 3.87/5 (39 ratings) · Last modified: 6/23/1999
Substitution Rules
Learning some of the rules of chord substitution can save one a lot of time and headaches. Maybe it can get you chicks as well.
Jazz · Advanced · 62981 Hits · 4.65/5 (26 ratings) · Last modified: 3/10/2000
Comping: Bass Lines W/ Chords
Building bass line + chord arrangements for comping 4 NEW PAGES ADDED 4/28/01!! 2 NEW TUNES!!
Jazz · Advanced · 61545 Hits · 4.69/5 (91 ratings) · Last modified: 8/8/2001
Put Some Funk in Your Riffs
Here's some funky rhythmic ideas to push your metal riffs into overdrive. Not for the timid.
Metal · Advanced · 58965 Hits · 4.13/5 (68 ratings) · Last modified: 1/13/2000
Canon In D By Johannes Pachelbel
I truely love this song and am glad to have finally put it on here.
Classical · Advanced · 52853 Hits · 4.57/5 (68 ratings) · Last modified: 6/6/2002
Chapters Of Shred Guitar
Within this lesson one will find the Intermediate to Advanced techniques use by many of today's top shred virtuoso guitarist. Covering everything from Economy Picking, to Modal Patterns, Sweep picking, use of exotic scales, and many more.
Metal · Advanced · 49077 Hits · 4.85/5 (13 ratings) · Last modified: 4/19/2004
GReat GRooves
A fun and easy way to play blues,rock,funk and jazz
Electronica · Advanced · 45513 Hits · 3.10/5 (20 ratings) · Last modified: 6/19/2004
Easy Winners
Here is an arrangement of the first two sections of Scott Joplin's The Easy Winners. There's some nice alternating bass and a really memorable melody line. Enjoy.
Acoustic/Folk · Advanced · 43949 Hits · 4.26/5 (46 ratings) · Last modified: 5/31/1999
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Great arangement of the classic tune Swing Low Sweet Chariot for solo fingerstyle guitar. Not for the weak of heart. This piace has walking bass, melody, and some chordal movement thrown in too.
Blues · Advanced · 43936 Hits · 4.74/5 (50 ratings) · Last modified: 3/31/2000
An endless modal excercise
something to warm up to if you like modes
Theory/Reference · Advanced · 43465 Hits · 4.36/5 (53 ratings) · Last modified: 6/6/1999
PINA COLATA - An Original Tune
This is a happy little latin type tune. Reggae? Specific category not available on this site. Lyrics being written by a professional singer named Judy. Up date to follow when lyrics completed. This is a study with some intervals of a 6th.
Reggae · Advanced · 42688 Hits · 4.30/5 (20 ratings) · Last modified: 8/27/2004
Using the Blues Scale on a Minor 9 Chord
How can we use the blues scale to play over minor chords in different styles? Take this award-winning lesson and find out...
Theory/Reference · Advanced · 41091 Hits · 4.50/5 (48 ratings) · Last modified: 7/26/1999
This arrangement was written for the Composer in mind that 3 guitarists might be needed to play it as presented. This is a TRANSCRIPTION from Piano. Consideration given to listening vs printing. Three lyric verses included.
Christian · Advanced · 39143 Hits · 3.80/5 (15 ratings) · Last modified: 12/3/2004
Sweeping, The Next Stage
So you've hit a brick wall? nothing else to learn? well try improving your sweeping and become the next malmsteen
Metal · Advanced · 37686 Hits · 3.97/5 (32 ratings) · Last modified: 8/19/2005