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Warm-up And Practice At Same Time
A warm-up that will not only get you ready for serious practice but will at the same time build speed , left and right hand skill, and scale knowledge. Good for beginners and old hands both
Basics · Beginner · 19888 Hits · 4.62/5 (13 ratings) · Last modified: 6/18/2004
Basic Rhythm In G Major Alternating Bass
Here is a simple I IV V progression in the Key of G major with an alternating bass line.
Basics · Beginner · 3524 Hits · 4.00/5 (10 ratings) · Last modified: 6/18/2004
Exercises For Flow And Dexterity
These are exercise that will increase your dexterity while helping you learn to keep you fingers clsoe to the fretboard and develop a light touch
Basics · Beginner · 7876 Hits · 2.83/5 (6 ratings) · Last modified: 6/18/2004
Chord Exercises: Making The Changes!
Here are some good exercises to improve both your tone with chords and also to improve making your changes smoothly and quickly
Basics · Intermediate · 3606 Hits · 5.00/5 (5 ratings) · Last modified: 8/29/2014
I IV V Progression In D Major
Here is a popular progression In D major. This is in the style of Crosby , Stills and Nash and maybe you want to "Teach Your Children" hint hint
Basics · Beginner · 558 Hits · 5.00/5 (1 rating) · Last modified: 8/29/2014
In The Style Of Croce And Muehleisen
Some help and tab for those looking for Jim Croce and Maury Muehleisen style licks
Acoustic/Folk · Intermediate · 8981 Hits · 4.67/5 (6 ratings) · Last modified: 8/29/2014
Picking And Skipping
Another good exercise for building pick hand dexterity and left and right hand coordination on your way to good solo technique
Basics · Beginner · 3326 Hits · 2.22/5 (9 ratings) · Last modified: 8/29/2014