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Chromatic Scale
Overview of the Chromatic Scale.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 3315 Hits · No rating · Last modified: 11/12/2005
How To Practice With A Metronome
This is a brief lesson on how to practice correctly with a metronome or drum machine.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 9552 Hits · 4.75/5 (4 ratings) · Last modified: 11/18/2005
Intro To Music Theory
Harmony deals with the study of chords and their relationship with one another. The understanding of harmony is essential to the understanding of the language of music. This lesson is an introduction to the fundamentals of music theory.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 17375 Hits · 3.00/5 (2 ratings) · Last modified: 11/17/2005