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A Minor Thing
I like it when players share lessons that you can improvise on. This is one of those types of lessons. You will hear a lot of songs as you play along with this standard progression.
Jazz · Intermediate · 22297 Hits · 4.07/5 (42 ratings) · Last modified: 10/15/2002
A13 - G13 Groove
This simple A13 - G13 groove is a good practice tool. Break out of "the same old thing" and be creative as you jam along.
Jazz · Intermediate · 14486 Hits · 3.71/5 (17 ratings) · Last modified: 9/11/2002
3. ANIT (#5175)
by Byron Lovering (258)
This is a basic Eb9-Dmi7 pattern to solo over. Increase the tempo when you are ready. After playing along with this a while you might get Dizzy and feel the urge to spend A Night In Tunisia.
Jazz · Intermediate · 5642 Hits · 1.33/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 11/16/2002
Brazillian Slow Bossa
This is a loose arrangement of a slow Brazillian tune circa 1951. This is a nice slow moving chord progression. You must work to give it a Brazillian feel.
Jazz · Intermediate · 9169 Hits · 4.90/5 (10 ratings) · Last modified: 10/4/2002
Standard Bossa
This is a simple jazz chord progression. Once you go through it a few times it will be easy to play. You can do a lot of improvising over this basic progression.
Jazz · Intermediate · 10184 Hits · 4.22/5 (9 ratings) · Last modified: 9/22/2002
Standard Jazz Turnaround - 2.0
I always wanted to learn this standard turnaround. It was used by Ludwig van Beethoven. Which composition? Check out the lesson and I will tell you.
Jazz · Intermediate · 5698 Hits · 4.60/5 (5 ratings) · Last modified: 9/19/2002