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Improvising: A Guide For Beginners
Learn a simple and fun process for blues soloing. Record blues chord changes, then solo over them with pentatonic scales. Chords and scales are in tablature. Each step is explained in detail. The end shows where to learn more about improvising.
Basics · Beginner · 6253 Hits · 5.00/5 (2 ratings) · Last modified: 3/10/2002
Fingerpicking Blues Quickie
Here's a quick blues fingerpicking ditty that came out of the writing I did for my new ebook on Guitar Chords.
Blues · Beginner · 13511 Hits · 4.45/5 (11 ratings) · Last modified: 3/21/2002
How Chord Progressions Work
Learn about chord progressions in this lesson, whch includes a complete song and an explanation of how it works. Learn what makes a song move and what makes it rest. Put yourself a giant step forward in writing your own progressions.
Basics · Beginner · 4575 Hits · 4.43/5 (7 ratings) · Last modified: 3/29/2002
Inversion Perversions
What are inversions and how do they help us play better? They sound like some kind of meteorological term. Actually, they're a bit like that game that little league players play with the bat, to decide which team gets to hit first...
Theory/Reference · Intermediate · 2828 Hits · 4.00/5 (1 rating) · Last modified: 5/23/2002
Finger Friendly Chords
Sometimes your fingers can't make the regular chord shapes, or can't make them fast enough. Finger Friendly Chords solve this problem. They give your fingers a break, your fingers and ears a treat, yet stay faithful to the original chords.
Basics · Beginner · 3198 Hits · 3.80/5 (5 ratings) · Last modified: 7/5/2002
Chord Melody Workout
This lesson is a set of chord melody exercises for intermediate level guitarists. Learn to flow a melody line over ii-V-I changes; play chord subs; train your dog to bake brownies; see how chords connect to arpeggios, and much more.
Theory/Reference · Intermediate · 5417 Hits · 3.67/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 6/5/2002
A Barre Chord Blues
This article is for those who are just starting to learn barre chords. Or, maybe you haven't learned any, and are a bit fearful because they look complicated or painful. Fear not! We're gonna make barre chord playing a pleasure by applying the Blues.
Basics · Beginner · 40612 Hits · 3.08/5 (40 ratings) · Last modified: 5/28/2002
Introducing The SHAPE, a chord so powerful, so bad and rad, so flexible, distinctive and cool, that you'll never exhaust all the possible ways of spicing up your playing with it.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 3864 Hits · 5.00/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 5/24/2002
They're All Dominant 7 Chords
Did you know that every chord is a dom7 chord in disguise? Pause for a second and let this thought sink in. [Cue music: theme to Jeopardy] Let's illustrate this with some nifty progressions...
Theory/Reference · Intermediate · 2526 Hits · 5.00/5 (1 rating) · Last modified: 5/16/2002
All About Chords, Part 1
How does this sound: instead of sitting down with a bunch of boring theory textbooks, you can use *music* to understand how harmony and chords work on the guitar. Does that sound like a cool way to learn about guitar harmony?
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 7651 Hits · 4.67/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 10/20/2002
Chord Colors
Tired of playing chords with only the root, 3, 5 or 7 on top? Learn to get some cool, Bluesey sounds by putting the nine on top of each of the main four-note 7th chords: the major 7, dom 7, and minor 7.
Theory/Reference · Intermediate · 2406 Hits · 4.33/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 7/23/2002
A Chord Substitution Primer
Replacing certain chords with other chords adds new life to a tune. Learn the basics of chord substitution, or reharmonization, in this article.
Theory/Reference · Intermediate · 8435 Hits · 4.10/5 (10 ratings) · Last modified: 3/30/2002
Playing By Ear For Beginners
Playing by Ear demystifies this important skill and shows new guitarists a simple procedure to play melodies by ear.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 3750 Hits · 4.00/5 (5 ratings) · Last modified: 3/22/2002
A Mixolydian Blues Riff
Much adieu is made about the blues and pentatonic scales for creating cool blues riffs. But here's another scale that's useful for making riffs: the Mixolydian scale.
Blues · Beginner · 46220 Hits · 3.64/5 (39 ratings) · Last modified: 4/17/2003
Slash And Burn (Slash Chords Intro)
Let's get something cleared up right away: slash chords are *not* different from the chords you already know. When you hear someone using the term slash chords, this person is simply applying a different way of looking at an existing chord.
Theory/Reference · Intermediate · 2677 Hits · 3.33/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 6/8/2002
Approaches To Soloing
There are lots of books and teachers that can help you solo better. But what other resources are there to help you take your unaccompanied guitar expressions to the next level? How can the Internet help make you a better soloist?
Theory/Reference · Intermediate · 15205 Hits · 3.29/5 (7 ratings) · Last modified: 10/20/2002
Chord Exploring
Essential information on harmony for the developing guitarist.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 2174 Hits · 2.50/5 (2 ratings) · Last modified: 11/12/2005