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A Little Warmup Lick
A little warmup lick I do once in a while. Works out your fingers pretty good. Give it a try!
Theory/Reference · Intermediate · 8066 Hits · 3.57/5 (7 ratings) · Last modified: 6/19/2001
A Quick Speed Lesson
An old instructor of mine taught me this VERY basic exercise to develop speed, coordination, and sweep picking (or you can alternate it for even more coordination).
Basics · Beginner · 20648 Hits · 3.78/5 (41 ratings) · Last modified: 6/12/2001
Speed Riff
A simple riff based on a scale, that, when played fast enough, could melt your strings...
Basics · Beginner · 4446 Hits · 4.86/5 (7 ratings) · Last modified: 6/12/2001