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Asturia, Leyenda
Very tough flamenco guitar piece (originally for piano) by Isaac Albeniz. Very hard, not for the weak of heart. Check it out if you want to take your classical playing up to the next level. It's worth all the practice in the end.
Flamenco · Advanced · 207962 Hits · 4.62/5 (227 ratings) · Last modified: 4/4/2004
Shredding 101
A constantly growing lesson on how to impress your friends with lighting fast licks and other various tricks. Includes info on scales, techniques, and pure awesomeness *Updated 8/15/06-Added page 14
Metal · Advanced · 113318 Hits · 4.53/5 (99 ratings) · Last modified: 1/4/2006
Absolute Shred (Triumph Guitar Solo)
The blistering guitar solo from "The Triumph of Hope over Experience," by Fat Sally. ROCK OUT, DUDE! **Update** Added second solo
Punk · Advanced · 30874 Hits · 4.10/5 (20 ratings) · Last modified: 4/4/2004
Polyrhythmic Acoustic Technique
Polyrhythms reside in the world of chaos, disorder, and insanity. Heres a cool piece that combines that nonsense with some nice melodies and chord changes. Very weird, very pretty. This lesson also teaches, in detail, how to perform 5:4.
Experimental · Expert · 21684 Hits · 4.89/5 (18 ratings) · Last modified: 12/29/2006
Recuerdos De La Alhambra- Tarrega
Fransisco Tarrega's AMAZING tremolo piece. A guitar masterpiece. If you play classical guitar, and if you think your good enough, learn to play this one; it's definately worth the effort. Check it out!
Classical · Expert · 21102 Hits · 4.59/5 (68 ratings) · Last modified: 10/25/2001
An awesome shredding piece by Carl Phillipe Emmanual Bach. Classical in origin, and created for the piano, but if you throw some distortion on this puppy you will turn heads!!!
Classical · Ridiculous · 19457 Hits · 4.65/5 (51 ratings) · Last modified: 9/2/2001
Carcassi's Study In A Minor
A very cool classical piece worth learning. Not too hard, sounds very nice, and is good practice. This is a really nice song, not too flashy, not too mundane, its just right. Very unique sounding.
Classical · Intermediate · 18204 Hits · 3.93/5 (15 ratings) · Last modified: 7/16/2001
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
A Very cool and creepy sounding piece, surely worth learning. This one NEVER lets me down...
Classical · Intermediate · 16990 Hits · 4.70/5 (43 ratings) · Last modified: 9/2/2001
Learn Polyrhythms On Your Lunch Break
How to understand and execute basic polyrhythms. First pages focus on playing them with your hands and voice, then with your guitar. 100% Guaranteed to disturb your family and friends.
Theory/Reference · Intermediate · 7827 Hits · 5.00/5 (2 ratings) · Last modified: 8/14/2006
Black Eyed Peace
Finally! Something that I wrote that doesn't sound half bad! Not a full song, but just a few riffs that sound neat. It kinda fell into my lap today, Please check it out and let me know what you think of it.
Acoustic/Folk · Intermediate · 5480 Hits · 4.21/5 (14 ratings) · Last modified: 7/20/2003
Homegrown Music
Just some high-octane crap I wrote last night after listening to Dream Theater for the first time...
Experimental · Advanced · 4463 Hits · 4.75/5 (8 ratings) · Last modified: 12/9/2001
For Steven
This one goes out to Steven Johnson, mwahahahaha! (Funniest Midi Sequence I've Ever Heard)
Experimental · Ridiculous · 3974 Hits · 3.25/5 (12 ratings) · Last modified: 12/28/2001
13. Unveil (#4246)
by Jake Lizzio (985)
An acoustic -thing- I wrote that started off really cool and had a lot of potential, but I think I ruined it halfway through :-(. I need some feedback on how my songs sound and what doesn't sound good, so send me a message.
Experimental · Intermediate · 3174 Hits · 3.11/5 (9 ratings) · Last modified: 3/2/2002
Wild Tapping Through Arpeggios. Madness!
Tapping through arpeggios produces some insanely cool licks. Learn three important arpeggios, and how to blaze through them without having to worry about that tricky sweep picking!
Other · Advanced · 3014 Hits · 3.00/5 (2 ratings) · Last modified: 1/5/2009
Lydian Groove
Using the new UNLEASHED barre chord, we will explore the key of E lydian with this unnamed progression.
Other · Intermediate · 2288 Hits · No rating · Last modified: 1/7/2006
Sweet Rock Harmony (Snakes On A Plane!)
An analayzation of an excerpt from Sgt. Snake's "Risking my Life (Fighting the Snake)," which features a blazing harmonized lead line between the synth and the guitar. Rhythmically pleasing, and harmonically hilarious.
Metal · Advanced · 1755 Hits · No rating · Last modified: 6/14/2006