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Applying Jazz Improvisation techniques
There are enough jazz ideas to fill a million books, i am just giving some ideas on how to utilize what you learn to sound like you.
Jazz · Advanced · 31481 Hits · 4.07/5 (43 ratings) · Last modified: 5/12/2000
Creating beautiful two guitar harmonies
Hear is how to make two guitars sound so sweet together in dual-lead harmony playing, which is an Allman brothers trademark as well as many metal bands.
Rock/Pop · Advanced · 30314 Hits · 4.03/5 (31 ratings) · Last modified: 1/21/2000
Masterclass Fingerstyle
This lesson shows you the way to become a virtuoso fingerpicker by borrowing from some of the masters.
Acoustic/Folk · Ridiculous · 18975 Hits · 4.47/5 (17 ratings) · Last modified: 8/23/2003
Playin Pretty
This is sort of a blues type lesson but not so much as others, This lesson is about Playin Pretty over some pretty progressions, This means mostly the feeling or mood your solo conveys.
Blues · Intermediate · 79311 Hits · 3.85/5 (65 ratings) · Last modified: 12/13/1999
Playing melodies and using them
Some people just breeze past the melodies of standards to simply get to the soloing and neglect to give the melody the attention it deserves, with this lesson i am hoping to change that.
Jazz · Advanced · 11826 Hits · 4.17/5 (18 ratings) · Last modified: 2/27/2000
Technique, Soul, and Arpeggios
These are some ways of applying some technique, and soul but doing it melodically and MUSICALLY. As in the words of the late great Wes Montgomery, "your feel comes first, then your tone, and then the notes you play." BUT this is in a metal context.
Metal · Intermediate · 69150 Hits · 3.87/5 (62 ratings) · Last modified: 12/13/1999